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Don't wait til after you sell your home.

We specialize in helping sellers transition into buying their new home during the sales process.

Our Group

We are proud of our growing team of Realtors, Builders and Mortgage Originators dedicated to supporting sellers during their transition into buying the next home. We have found that poor timing is the number one reason multiple transaction consumers have a negative experience. Our goal was to focus on the timing and communication of the entire process to improve the experience. By working with as a collective team, everyone involved knows their roles and responsibilities and is accountable to meet your timeline.

HOW IT WORKS - Proactive VS. Reactive

I'm sure that you have heard before "Fail to Plan. Plan to Fail. This couldn't be more true when applied to Real Estate closings where multiple transactions depend on each other for success.

What if the person buying your home doesn't close on time? What happens if your home sells before you know where you are buying? What if you need to close and move on the same day?

The program focuses on identifying sellers who are interested in saving time and money by planning their next purchase during the listing process - rather than after. We only work with licensed real estate professionals with a proven track record of success. Every transaction is reviewed for quality assurance and we frequently audit our database to make sure you only work with the best.

Start saving time and money immediately.

*Type of Savings Cost / (Savings) Timeframe
Same Day Prequalification $0 1st day
Lender Credit ($500) at closing
Buyer PreApproval Quality Review $0 Upon receiving offer
Realtor Credit ($500) at closing
Expedited Processing & Underwriting 0 24 hours
*Certain "savings" reflected above may differ by location and company. The savings amounts above are subject to change without notice. Click here to go over your savings in detail.
  • - Tom Johnson
    "Initially we were really scared of the entire process.  After we met the team and created our detailed S2B plan, we stopped worrying right away. Using this program saved us thousands on moving, storage and rental expenses. Thank You!"
    - Tom Johnson
    Fayetteville, NC
  • - Joan Avina
    "While shopping for our new home during the sale of our existing home we had numerous offers rejected due to timing.  Using the S2B program, we were able sell our house quickly and get our dream home bc we could close on the same day we sold."
    - Joan Avina
    Charleston, NC
  • - Gordon Dale
    " We thought our current house was already sold and had a contract on our new house when we found out the buyers loan approval fallen through.  Using the S2B program helped us evaluate the next offer we received and we able to prevent any more delays by closing quickly with a buyer we knew would close."
    - Gordon Dale
    Chesapeake, VA

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